Interdisciplinary Maths and Science Resources

These resources are the teaching and learning sequences developed through this research.

You can download and adapt these sequences.  They include students’ work samples to help you anticipate student representational productions, and illustrate the learning.

If you try these resources, either as sequences or discrete activities, we would love to hear from you about your experience.

Astronomy Sequence

The sequence will focus on spatial relations of the sun and earth, coordinating an earth centred and space centred perspective. It will develop an understanding about Astronomy, day/night and the earth’s rotation through a shadow investigation and involves measurement, time, direction through on-going spatial mapping, data recording and analysis, and visual representation of data. Students will develop understandings of the ways science and mathematics use modelling processes to understand natural systems and mathematical patterns.

Astronomy Year 1 (2018) (PDF 4MB)

Astronomy Year 1 (2018) (DOCX 8MB)