Interdisciplinary Maths and Science Findings

Revision: October 2020

The Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Science Learning (IMS) project has created, over 2.5 years, 13 learning sequences and developed theoretical and practical perspectives that have been presented at a range of conferences, teacher workshops and in journal publications and book chapters.

The learning sequences, which exemplify the theoretical and practical outcomes of the project, are presented on this website.

The major research findings relate to:

  • The development of a pedagogy based on the construction and collaborative refinement of representations, reflecting mathematics and science disciplinary epistemic processes
  • The articulation of ways in which mathematics and science productively interrelate to support learning in each, across a range of topics, concepts and practices
  • The nature and quality of student learning deriving from the approach
  • Teachers’ responses to the approach – challenges, and enablers.

The IMS Pedagogy

Linking Mathematics and Science

Working with teachers: publishing the units

Findings concerning teacher practice

Snapshot of student experience and learning in the 2018 sequences

Ecology of the schoolground