2020 Science Teachers Association of Victoria Conference (STAVCON)

STAVCON 2020: A Vision for the Future

STAVCON 2020: A Vision for the Future


Online November 27, 2020 8:45 am – 4:30 pm

Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Science Learning

Russell Tytler & Peta White, Deakin University

This is an international, longitudinal project which aims to investigate the effectiveness of an innovative interdisciplinary learning approach in mathematics and science. Through collaborating primary schools in Victoria and the United States of America (USA), we have investigated how student’s invention and transformation of representational systems can connect to support deeper reasoning and learning.
The pedagogy focused on student’s construction of diagrammatic and textual representations, measurement and data displays, through the following sequence of processes
1. Material engagement / observation / measurement
2. Representation challenge / invention
3. Comparative review / sharing / evaluation
4. Review/ refinement / application to new settings
Teaching and learning sequences (grade 1- 6) are freely available online and use student work samples to exemplify lesson strategies.

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