Investigate Light: An accessible and engaging, open-ended enquiry design adaptable for remote learning and classroom learning


The teaching and learning sequence Investigating Light is the focus of this article and was conducted in Grade 5/6 as partof the Australian Research Council (ARC) funded Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Science (IMS) Learning Project (Tytler,et al.  2018-2021). This sequence is aligned to the Victorian Science curriculum. In response to the challenge of providing authentic, accessible, and engaging science learning experiences for students during remote learning, this iteration of the Investigating Light sequence was developed in consultation with teachers, toensure student accessibility in the online learning context. Relatable to students, the activities were adapted from the Deakin University Ideas for Teaching Science P-8 ( Reflecting an interdisciplinary focus, this sequence included opportunities for students to investigate with both science and maths in engaging and complimentary ways (See table 1.). For instance, students are challenged to explore angles, rotation and light directionality in their periscope designs, and the relationship between shadow size and the distance from the light source, when investigating shadow puppets in the ‘Shadow Play Investigation’ lesson.

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